My Laird's Heart -- Bess McBride


My Laird's Heart -- Out now

Book 3 of the My Laird’s Castle series of Scottish historical time travel romances.

The years following Culloden have taken their toll on the Highlanders. Few who participated in the Jacobite rebellion survived, and of those who did, some have either escaped Scotland or gone into hiding.

Lily Brown falls into the same time travel void that Beth Pratt and Maggie Scott did before her. But she isn’t rescued by a laird as her predecessors were. No, a secretive and enigmatic Highlander with no apparent fortune or title finds her lost in the eighteenth century.

Beth Pratt and Maggie Scott fell in love with their lairds and gave up everything to stay with them. But Lily can’t imagine spending the rest of her days in eighteenth century Scotland, or with a Highlander who keeps his secrets.