A Summer in Time -- Bess McBride


A Summer in Time -- Out now

Book Six of the bestselling Train Through Time series, a historical time travel romance series set in the early 1900s.

It’s summer in the Rocky Mountains, and Gemima Holliday is on a genealogical road train! The view from the train windows is to die for! Evergreen trees abound, wildflowers are in bloom, animals graze in meadows, and life is grand! She loves trains, she loves genealogy and she loves her ancestors. That she is without a love of her own troubles her only a little bit. She’s still young, right? Plenty of time!

But the mystery of one ancestor troubles her. John Morrison never married, and she wants to know why. A successful lawyer, he could probably have had his pick of any eligible young lady in the state of Montana. Sure, he had been disfigured in a train accident according to newspaper reports, but that shouldn’t have kept him from love. Should it?

Gem sets out by train to find out what happened to her ancestor and why he turned away from love and family.