A Wedding Across the Winds of Time -- Bess McBride


A Wedding Across the Winds of Time

At long last, the sequel to Across the Winds of Time! Previously included as a novella in the boxed set Magical Weddings, A Wedding Across the Winds of Time continues the story of Molly Hamilton and Darius Ferguson.

Set in the fictional Iowa town of Lilium, Darius and Molly finally marry, inviting only her sister Sara to the wedding. But just like Molly, Sara finds herself thrown back in time to the 1880s. With Darius and Molly now in the future, who will rescue Sara?

Jonas Ramsey wants to help the woman who states she has traveled through time, but he’s not sure exactly how. Sara wants to go home, but she finds herself drawn to Jonas, and believes she was sent back to the past for a reason. Perhaps to save his life?