The Earl Finds a Bride -- Bess McBride


The Earl Finds A Bride -- Out Now

First in a series of fairy tale time travel romances called Fairy Tales Across Time!

What’s a fairy godmother to do when she has too much time on her hands? She must meddle in the affairs of others, of course!

So discovers the Earl of St. John when he encounters a strange little woman one evening at a ball who prophecies that he shall not, from that night forward, leave his castle until love finds him. Scoff as he might at her eccentricity, her prediction comes true, and the earl finds himself trapped, able to venture no further than the boundaries of his estate.

Mary Palmer, a twenty-first century lover of fairy tales, finds an old book of unfamiliar stories, and she dives into the first tale before bed one night. The story of a lonely earl trapped in his castle by the curse of a strange little woman captures her imagination.

How can the earl find love if he is cannot break the curse that binds him to his castle? How can Mary fight the compelling draw of an old book that draws her back in time? And where is a fairy godmother when one needs her?