Caving into You -- Bess McBride


Caving into You -- Out Now!

Hilly Creighton’s life is tame, without excitement, without romance—not good news for a romance writer. Yet one fateful day on a side trip to Tombstone, Arizona, she finds an abandoned cave on a hill, and sets in motion a series of journeys through time for both herself and a man who doesn’t understand why he has been brought forward from the year 1881.

Clint Woodrow, mining his claim in search of the silver he knows is there, finds himself lost in modern-day Tombstone, Arizona, and the woman whose voice brought him forward in time is nowhere to be found. What is a stranded miner/cowboy/farmer to do in today’s world? Join the gunfight show at the O.K. Corral, that’s what!

How these two lost souls get together is anyone’s guess! How they stay together against all odds is in the hands of the fates—or in the power of the cave.

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